What we do

Our fleet consultancy services are guaranteed to save you money without compromising on quality or safety. Our track record shows that we can save most companies an average of 10% on the vehicle fleet total cost of ownership (TCO). We can also highlight a wide range of operational improvements to policies and procedures that tighten any gaps in fleet and driver management, improve safety, reduce risks and lessen environmental impact.

Through the unrivalled sector knowledge, fleet market expertise and enviable industry contacts held by Morgrai Consultancy Limited, we can access terms and conditions not available to most companies and our independent status allows us to deliver the highest quality, cost-effective solutions for your specific needs from the best available across the world.

Private and public sector companies trust Morgrai Consultancy Limited to:

  • Provide a better value/lower cost fleet
  • Introduce and improve fleet efficiencies
  • Deliver savings quickly

Morgrai Consultancy Limited is owned and led by Warren Cowell, who has more than 25 years experience in providing top quality fleet management solutions in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

We are NOT a broker, a contract hire company or a car dealer. Our independent status means we focus solely on impartial advice on the best ways of meeting your business objectives and adding more profit to your bottom line. Read more in About Us.

Testimonials and case studies pay tribute to our ability to manage and improve challenging stakeholder relationships.

We can carry out a comprehensive review of your total fleet costs to secure better value for money without reducing the quality of the vehicles or the service levels currently in place. We provide options and cost-saving opportunities on an immediate, medium-term and long-term basis.

We would provide recommendations on aspects including:

By working with Morgrai Consultancy Limited you can be secure in the knowledge that we will look at every alternative available to deliver the standard and quality you require in your fleet operation.