Mike Dugdale, Chief Financial Officer, Personal Group www.personal-group.com

Warren Cowell, of Morgrai Consultancy Limited, was engaged to complete a thorough review of Personal Group’s fleet operation. The initial objective was to deliver, at no additional cost, an improved car offering to employees and implement a risk management programme.

The results of his work, and just as importantly how he worked with some challenging stakeholders in the business, was very impressive.

The initial objectives have been exceeded with a much improved car offering giving employees a huge morale boost – as well as delivering tangible savings to the business.

The existing fleet is being replaced with new vehicles accelerating the savings and reducing our carbon footprint through newer more fuel-efficient cars.

Significant savings have been achieved across the procurement of: cars; funding; service, maintenance and repair; accident management; daily rental; insurance premiums and fuel.

I have no hesitation in recommending Warren to you if you want to identify and deliver cost savings, operational efficiencies or simply a comprehensive review of your operations. Through his direct approach and desire to deliver results he leaves no stone unturned whilst managing to work extremely well with employees in the business.

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