About Us

Morgrai Consultancy Limited is led by Warren Cowell, who has been providing fleet management solutions and achieving whole life cost savings and efficiencies for more than 25 years.

We have a well-established track record for building long-term relationships with clients looking for a leaner fleet operation to deliver more profitability without compromising quality.

Our independent status means we can focus exclusively on the best possible services and solutions for each client’s unique business needs and objectives. We have no ties to any manufacturers or suppliers. We can save you money on your fleet vehicles because we have the knowledge, expertise and freedom to bring you the best deals available.

Working with national and international Blue Chip clients we have designed and implemented full fleet transformation projects for companies running thousands of vehicles, achieving multi-million pound annual savings. We have also worked successfully with companies who have fleets of just 25 vehicles and upwards.

Our unique combination of commercial knowledge and skills, in-depth market insights and creative entrepreneurial flair allow us to offer industry-leading innovations in fleet solutions, covering all aspects including:

  • Fleet acquisitionprocurement of vehicles, with unique access to terms and conditions not generally accessible to most companies.
  • Fleet operation – comprehensive review of fuel spend; servicing, maintenance and tyre costs; improvements in managing accident risks; insurance cover and costs; reducing vehicle downtime, repair costs and administrative overheads.
  • Fleet policy – advising and implementing on policies looking at CO2 emissions and environmental impact; vehicle choices and allocation and duty of care.

Since establishing Morgrai Consultancy Limited in 2010, Warren has demonstrated commitment to working in partnership with his clients to deliver tangible benefits, and provide tailored services based on a culture of transparency, teamwork and trust.

Morgrai Consultancy works with public and private sector companies of all sizes who need to buy, lease or manage fleets of specialist vehicles, including cranes, HGVs, fork lift trucks and trailers. We can help you streamline business processes and increase profits, safety and efficiency.

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