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Morgrai Consultancy Limited is led by Warren Cowell, who has been providing fleet management solutions and achieving whole life cost savings and efficiencies for more than 25 years.

Are you looking for fleet management solutions that deliver more profit without compromising safety or quality? Do you want to build a leaner fleet operation delivering greater efficiency, reducing risks and achieving whole life cost savings? We work with national and international clients and we have no ties to any specific manufacturers or suppliers allowing us to focus on the best services and solutions for each client’s unique circumstances and objectives. Read More

What our clients say

Warren Cowell, of Morgrai Consultancy Ltd, has delivered exceptional results during a 12 month fleet transformation assignment at Interserve.

His primary responsibility was to achieve substantial commercial savings during 2014/15 from a holistic review of the Interserve fleet operations and supply chain including cars, vans, fuel cards, telematics, outsource lease provider and fleet operational services such as accident management and daily rental.

Warren played a fundamental role in leading the tender process for outsourcing the management of the circa 4,000 vehicle Interserve fleet.

Exemplary supplier stakeholder management, and his extensive fleet supplier contacts, enabled Warren to ensure that Interserve gained access to and Read More

Dave King, Group Fleet Director, Interserve Plc

Warren Cowell, of Morgrai Consultancy Limited, was engaged to complete a thorough review of Personal Group's fleet operation. The initial objective was to deliver, at no additional cost, an improved car offering to employees and implement a risk management programme.

The results of his work, and just as importantly how he worked with some challenging stakeholders in the business, was very impressive.

The initial objectives have been exceeded with a much improved car offering giving employees a huge morale boost - as well as delivering tangible savings to the business.

The existing fleet is being replaced with new vehicles accelerating the savings Read More

Mike Dugdale, Chief Financial Officer, Personal Group www.personal-group.com
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